We are Alive

On December 15, 2017 | By Winay Mahajan
Category / Branding Communication

Launching a campaign for your own brand and keeping it simple and effective is probably tougher than managing a client’s campaign. With opinions and suggestions pouring in from all sides, it became extremely difficult of how would the outside world perceive us. Eventually, we came to an understanding that rather than trying to fit into the eyes of beholder let us be true to ourselves and showcase what we believe in. So we thought let’s start from basics, it all began with first and foremost understanding.

“What is the digital world of today and What are we doing in this ecosystem” or rather let me put it first even being aware of this kind of question was the key…. Since it took a while for us to get down right at the base.

We started off rounds of discussion, debates, internal research papers and eventually came to an understanding that the digital world that we think we know is in constant change, it is also increasingly becoming tangible – touchable – through touch screen interfaces such as you might find on the iPod Touch or Microsoft Surface, and sensor technologies now make it even easier for the digital world to react to the physical world.

There’s so much information not just lying around but flooding around us. We pick and choose what’s immediately relevant for us and try to assimilate the essence of whatever little we imbibe. The current times that we live in are awesomely rewarding because today people are getting aware of what they don’t know and that’s enlightenment because this knowledge is what will goad us to move ahead… to being alive.

Before applying the actualism theory it is imperative to understand the ongoing enjoyment and appreciation of this moment of being alive, it is also essential for success to grasp the fact that this very moment which is happening now is your only moment of being alive… today in the digital era the life is alive and aware as well… or rather being aware is being alive… The past, although it did happen, is not actual now, the future, though it will happen, is not actual now.

Only now is the actual…and digital world is all about being “now”… whatever we do now has the result in almost real time, the impact is real and measurable … the communication today is moving along with time… 50 years ago it would have been considered a fantasy when we would have been told that a simple letter that we were sending to our friends or business associates would reach in real time and not in days. It is only when you are aware, open, adaptive fresh knowledge comes in and constant replenishment of knowledge is key to staying “alive” and we knew one thing for sure that “We Are Alive”.

Being Alive today in the digital world is the key to survive successfully for not just an agency but for brands & services as well. Being alive is not just a mere presence of existing in a static form but living the existence in its fullest form, right from establishing relationships to maintaining it, to standing for beliefs, to making a point across, to sharing and caring, exerting influences with responsibility. Given this as a core understanding and belief that we have across departments as one unit the only logical campaign idea to build around was “We Are Alive” and we are fully aware of what it takes to be alive and hence we are ready for now living in present.